Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37 – EVIL ENCHANTED

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37 – Now, New Elite Pass Season Start of June Month for Upgrade In Elite Pass Season and Total Value Diamonds 10,000 and Lots of Elite Pass Rewards. The Name Of Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass EVIL ENCHANTED. Elite Pass S37 Now, Available For FREE Order In May Last Week Now. First Time Top Up

How Can Purchase Of Elite Pass for Complete In Your Mission For Elite Badge Complete Minimum Badge 250 and Give All Elite Pass Rewards Collect Now? EVIL ENCHANTED ELITE PASS S37, UPGRADE EP TO UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE PRIZES! Note: You may only choose one to upgrade.

The FREE Pass To Upgrade On Elite Pass for 100% Guaranteed 10000 Diamonds Benefits of Upgrade Up to Unlock Exclusive Prizes. If You Don’t Miss For Superb Rewards For After Upgrade FREE Emote, Bundle Male & Female, Bag, Safeboad, Evolution Stone & Etc Much More.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37 for EVIL ENCHANTED

1. Now, Players should open the Free Fire Game

2. Home Section To Click on the Elite Pass icon

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37

3. Click on the Upgrade Button

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37

4. Use Of The In Your Diamonds 499 Only I am Always Preferred

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37

5. Congratulations! Upgrade Elite Pass Season 37

6. Complete In Your Elites Badge & Claim All Rewards

7. If You Can Minimum Badge 250 for Complete Successfully and Rewards Claim All

8. Elite Pass Season 37 During Period 1st – 30th June, 2021

ELITE PASS Purchase 499 Diamonds

1. Total value over 10000 diamonds!

2. Unlock elite challenges and get more badges.

3. Daily gold limit increased by 100

4. Exclusive badge shown on nickname in kill notifications

5. Unlock elite challenges and get more badges.

6. Daily gold limit increased by 100

7. Exclusive badge shown an nickname in kill notifications

ELITE BUNDLE 999 Diamonds

1. Total value over 10000 diamonds!

2. Unlock elite challenges and get more badges.

3. Daily gold limit increased by 100

4. Exclusive badge shown on nickname in kill notifications

5. Unlock an exclusive animated avatar Unlock 50 badges instantly

6. Unlock tons of exclusive rewards instantly.

7. Includes all ELITE PASS privileges, plus 50 additional badges!

8. Instantly claim amazing rewards!

Elite Pass Season 37 Rewards :

  • 0 Badge – Monster Truck-Evil Enchanted
  • 5 Badge – Summon Airdrop
  • 10 Badge – Avtar Evil Enchanted
  • 15 Badge – Hoodie
  • 20 Badge – Weapon Royal Voucher
  • 25 Badge – Resupply Map Play Card
  • 30 Badge – Princess Afterdark Banner
  • 35 Badge – GOLD Coins
  • 40 Badge – Diamond Royal Voucher
  • 45 Badge – Bounty Token Play Card
  • 50 Badge – Princess Afterdark Female Bundle
  • 55 Badge – Pet Food
  • 60 Badge – Double EXP Card
  • 65 Badge – EVO Gun Token Box
  • 70 Badge – Universal Fragment
  • 75 Badge – M1873 Evil Enchanted
  • 80 Badge – Resupply Map
  • 85 Badge – Weapon R0yal Voucher
  • 90 Badge – Pet Food
  • 100 Badge – Crystal Heels Case
  • 105 Badge – Scan Play Card
  • 110 Badge – Gold Coins
  • 115 Badge – Evil Enchanted Banner
  • 120 Badge – Scan Watch
  • 125 Badge – MP5 – Evil Enchanted
  • 130 Badge – Universal Fragment
  • 135 Badge – Princess AfterDark
  • 140 Badge – Good Game Emote
  • 145 Badge – Double Gold Card
  • 150 Badge – Crystal Heels Diver
  • 155 Badge – Summon Airdrop Play Card
  • 160 Badge – Pet Food
  • 165 Badge – Universal Fragment
  • 170 Badge – Sube Fragment
  • 175 Badge – Bonfire Playcard
  • 180 Badge – Evolution Stone
  • 185 Badge – Bounty Token
  • 190 Badge – Discount Coupon
  • 200 Badge – Evo Gun Token Box
  • 210 Badge – Crystal Case Loot Box
  • 205 Badge – Universal Fragment
  • 210 Badge – Pet Food
  • 215 Badge – Universal Fragment
  • 220 Badge – Bonfire
  • 225 Badge – Prince Afterdark Bundle
  • 250 Badge – 1 Badge Elite Pass Exclusive Chest

Elite Pass Story

Today, the forest was dark and quiet. Rays of dusk sun sprinkled through tree branches as smells of freshly fallen leaves and musty earth filled the air. Apart from the forest’s beauty, it was the focal point in many of the tales and cultural norms that filled their unique city’s history. Caspian and Ariel normally would have appreciated being out here in nature and searching for the subjects of their childhood fairy tales instead of their normal duties as security escorts for important persons in the city. But today, they were on duty in the forest.

The two shadowed figures were guarding the hidden paths in the western section – rumored to be the most dangerous portion of the forest – during the annual inter-state gala. The legends of those rumored dangers – magic and monsters, if they ever existed – hadn’t been seen in their lifetimes, but they were wary nonetheless.

the inter-state gala between the eight largest states of the country was set to start in three days’ time. Big wigs, heads of state and powerful leaders were set to start arriving today and they were charged with guarding the myriad of hidden paths in the darkest part fo the woods. In the quiet of the forest, an owl hooted startling Caspian, who jumped three feet into the air. He landed pretending like nothing happened. Caspian spoke with a hint of venom, can’t believe they put us on forest duty. No one ever comes through here. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be here on my own time, but we’re stuck here on boring forest duty.”

Ariel replied shaking her head, “We wouldn’t be on punishment duty if you hadn’t insulted the captain’s belief in magic. Continually. Every day for two weeks If we’re going to blame anybody here it’s you.

Caspian gave her a look with squinted eyes, suggesting he was about to yell at her, but instead he surprised her with a grin, “It was worth it.”

Ariel and Caspian continued walking down the hidden paths, dusk quickly approaching, their shift would be coming to an end soon and they could head back to town hall for the first gala of many that would take place over the next few days. They were just about to head back when a sound of a branch on the ground cracking sounded from not too far away. They two guards froze, the blue of their outfits shining through the shadows as the sounds continued in their direction. Images of mythical beasts, vampires, gargoyles, witches and sentient trees filled their heads. Each possibility worse than the last. Whatever it was, was not trying to stay quiet.

Seconds later a figure stumbled through the bushes covered in twigs and vegetation – clearly lost and not experienced in traveling through forests. He wore a cloth across his face, only his eyes were visible. He was clad in military type clothing, differing greatly from the traditional garb the two guards were wearing. This certainly was no monster. It was just a man. He pulled out a radio and spoke, “I’m lost. Where are you guys? We are not going to let some mythical forest get in the way of the plan. The governor is going to die.” As he finished the sentence he turned to find the two guards staring at him just a few feet away. He yelled, “Monsters!” and pulled out his gun and aimed it at them.

Ariel and Caspian didn’t have time to talk, as their bodies responded automatically. Ariel ducked under the first shots, and spun herself to take cover behind a nearby tree as wood chips burst around her. Caspian took this chance to sprint into the shadows to flank the shooter. When the shooter’s magazine was empty and he was forced to reload, the two guards acted. Caspian exploded from the tree line pulling his M1873 out; Ariel had climbed the tree and was aiming her MP5. They hoped they wouldn’t have to use their weapons, they would need to catch him alive to uncover what the greater plot he was planning was.

Ariel shot a burst of fire near his feet causing the shooter to jump back right as Caspian was coming up behind him. But the shooter heard him and dodged his charge. This intruder

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