[New] Free Fire Emote Party Event – Top 5 Legendary Emote Guaranteed Confirm

Free Fire Emote Party Free Fire Emote Party More Practice, Free Fire New Emote Party 2021 & Next Emote Party. How To Play First Free Fire New Event Emote Party and Normal Draw & Super Draw To Win Emote Prizes Now. New Releasing Of Latest ‘More Practice’ Emote and Also, Including legendary emotes in this Event Now. Can Be GRAB On Best Time Of The Collect 100% Confirm Guaranteed Now?

New Free Fire Emote Party

Are You Super Draw To Win Grand Prizes For Super legendary emotes and Normal Draw To Win Normal Prizes For Normal Emotes Now. Five Special Emote On Available Grand Prizes More Practice, Doggie, Tea Time, Eat My Dust & Last Booyah! Super Draw 5 More To Guarantee More Practice Emote.

It’s time for the drill because practice makes perfect! Get your head in the game with the MORE Practice Emote! Don’t Out another legendary emotes such as Booyah! Eat My Dust, Tea Time and Doggie! This Exclusive emote is now available in Emote Party! Join The Emote Party Now!

Free Fire Emote Party

Hey, TricksGaming Members! Don’t Miss These Legendary Emotes! Free Fire Emote Party Event Time Period Valid Till: 29th April – 5th May 2021.

Free Fire Emote Party – Super Draw To Legendary Emote is a Guaranteed ‘More Practice’ Emote!

1. First Of All, Opening Free Fire Game In Your Devices

2. Login Your Free Fire ID & Right Side To Go Calendar Icon

3. Event Section & Show New Emote Party Event Now

4. How To Play Emote Party Event & Win New Emote, Prizes Etc Much More

Free Fire Emote Party

5. Choose Normal Draw Or Super Draw. Get A Discount On Your First Draw

Free Fire Emote Party

6. Every Super Draw Guaranteed An Emote!

Free Fire Emote Party

7. Congratulations! You’ve Won a More Practice Emote & Confirm Now

Free Fire Emote Party

8. Win A Legendary Emote on Every 5th Super Draw. The First Legendary Emote is a Guaranteed ‘More Practice’ Emote!

GRAND PRIZES: 5 Legendary Emote

  1. More Practice
  2. Doggie
  3. Tea Time
  4. Eat My Dust
  5. Booyah!
Free Fire Emote Party

Normal PRIZES: 5 Legendary Emote

  1. Lol
  2. Kongfu
  3. Death Glare
  4. Party Dance
  5. Shake It Up
  6. Wiggle Walk
  7. Shake With Me
  8. Moon Flip
  9. Threaten
  10. Dangerous Game
  11. Baby Shark
  12. Provoke
  13. Hello!
  14. Applause
  15. DAB
  16. Arm Wave
  17. Cube Fragment
  18. Vouchers
Free Fire Emote Party

Free Fire Emote Party Event Rules –

1. Event Period Till: 29-04-2021 to 05-05-2021

2. There are 2 Types of draw – Normal Draw and Super Draw

3. The Prize Pool will consist of Normal prizes, normal emotes & legendary emotes

4. When you use normal draw, you spin the entire prize pool.

5. When you use Super draw, you spin for normal + Legendary emotes only

6. On the 5th Super draw, the MORE PRACTICE! emote will be guaranteed. There is a chance for winning this emote before the 5th draw, or in Normal Draw as Well.

7. After every subsequent 5th Super Draw, a random unowned legendary emote will be guaranteed as well

8. This Counter resets every time after a legendary emote is won via super draw. If a Legendary emote is won via Normal draw, the counter for super Draw is not reset

9. Get a discount off the first Normal and Super Draw

Next Free Fire Emote Party Soon

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