{Released} *Free Fire OB26 Update* List 2021 – New Features

Free Fire OB26 Update


[TricksGaming] Free Fire OB26 Update – Free Fire OB26 Update List 2021, Free Fire OB26 Update Date, Free Fire OB26 Update Patch Notes, Free Fire OB26 Update Size, Free Fire OB26 Update Release Date, and Free Fire OB26 Maintenance Now. Then Finally Releasing Today Free Fire OB26 Update In Your India Server 2021 First Patch Updated and Most Feature Coming Up Now.

There are All Free Fire Users Today Free Fire Not Playing Games Because Update In Your Game Free Fire OB26 Update Release Date for Latest Patch and Server Will Be Down for Maintenance ? On 4th February From 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM (Indian Time)

[2021] Free Fire Double Diamond – Extra 100% Bonus Diamonds ? + Rewards

Free Fire Games Every 2 Month Back Back New Exclusive Changes and New Features Releasing for Clash Squad Session 5, New Traning Ground, New Features In Classic Mode Now, Coming Soon New Dynamic Duo & Etc Much More Below Full Free Fire Update List 2021 Details:

If You Can Free Fire Developer Rolling Out Free Fire OB26 Update and Download To Google Play Store Via Updated In Your Free Fire Game and Play Again Back and New Major Changes for Newbies Profomance It Now. Free Fire OB26 Update Size 650MB From Google Play Store Available Now.

Free Fire OB26 Update

You Can See Free Fire OB26 Update In Your Free Fire Games and Your Gaming Skills Improvement, Play Super Fast, Server Is India Very Fast and Somthnes Gaming, Previous Bugs Fix All Most, and Complete Update To Play Now.

How To Free Fire OB26 Update & Download To Play Now

  • First Of All, Open It, In Your Google Play Store App
  • Update Link Here
  • Click on Update Now
  • Download Your Free Fire OB26 Update
  • Free Fire Update Size 650MB
  • Your Internet Data Used 650MB Available Now
  • Done Successfully Confirm Update Now
  • Server Will Be Down for Maintenance
  • Start After 4th February From 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM (Indian Time)
Free Fire OB26 Update

Free Fire OB26 Update List 2021 – New Features & Changes

Clash Squad

Free Fire OB26 Update

1st: Clash Squad Rank Session 5

Free OB26 Update for New Clash Squad Session 5 Start 5th February at 5 PM. Rank Up Your Gold III Or Above Tech By Complete To Collect and Receive The Clash Squad Exclusive Items – The Golden MP5! New Clash Squad Rank Session During Time Period 5th February – 14th April 2021.

Free Fire OB26 Update

2nd: Map-Based Store

Store Adjustment for Clash Squad – Since the time we’ve changed the store in season 4, we got input that you all desire to see more w*ap*ns in Clash Squad. In season 5, we will present another store framework where players will actuate various arrangements of stores on various guides. Along these lines, a large portion of your #1 w*a*ons will be accessible to you in Clash Squad.

  • Two sets of stores will be available:
  • Bermuda / Bermuda Remastered Store
  • Kalahari Store

3rd: New Item – Mystery Box

Available for Clash Squad – Casual Only. The Mystery Box is intended to offer the losing group a chance to retaliate by allowing the purchaser to acquire uncommon things from the container. Players will be given 3 things inside every Mystery Box and they can pick one of them to bring into the fight. Come attempt your karma! Mystery Box now available in Clash Squad – Casual.

Battle Royale

Free Fire OB26 Update

1st: Vending Machine Update

Item and Pricing Update for Casual and Rank – This fix, we are making a few acclimations to the candy machine. Most importantly, we will change the cost of different articles dependent on their presentation. Likewise, we will be expanding the measure of tokens accessible on the guide so players can utilize the candy machine all the more every now and again to overhaul their stuff.

  • New Item – UAV-Lite now available in the vending machine.
  • Adjusted the tokens available on the map.
  • Vending Machine price adjustment.

2nd: New Item – UAV-Lite

Available in Classic (Casual & Ranked) The UAV-Lite (Personal UAV) will be a utility thing that can filter the environmental factors to check whether there are adversaries close by. Utilizing it as a robot prior to moving out to guarantee the security for your crew.

  • Personal UAV available in the vending machine.

3rd: New Item – War Chest

Available in Classic (Casual & Ranked) We understood that it is somewhat hard to track down and find plunder in outside zones. In this fix, we will place War Chests in a few areas to make plundering simpler in the war zone.

  • War Chests now available in Classic Mode.

4th: New System – Revival Point

Available in Classic (Casual Only) Restoration Point will be another framework in Classic Mode where players can resuscitate the whole group in the wake of catching and enacting the Revival Point. Be that as it may, recovery focuses are situated in areas with insignificant covers. So be readied, as close by adversaries are flagged when the restoration point is being enacted.

  • Activating the Revival Point will revive the entire squad.

5th: New Item – Revival Card

Available in Classic (Casual Only) You would now be able to be re-conveyed to the front line if your partners buy the “Restoration Card” from the candy machine. After the update, any groups with at any rate one part standing will in any case have freedoms to restore their crew before the last play zones show up.

  • New Item – Revival Card now available in the vending machine.

Training Grounds

Free Fire OB26 Update

1st: New Item – Revival Card

Zone Adjustments – This fix, we are moving the Training Grounds onto a pristine Island – Batou. We have added fresh out of the plastic new highlights, for example, the Ferris Wheel, Bunny Race, and the esports Hall of Fame in the Social Zone. Moreover, players would now be able to go to the race track and speed through the island with their companions. Give them a shot and let us understand your opinion!

Free Fire OB26 Update
  • New Mini-Games Available:
  • New Shooting Range
  • Bunny Race
  • esports Hall of Fame
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Gloo Wall Training.
Free Fire OB26 Update

2nd: Training Grounds Store Update

New Items Available in the Training Grounds Store. We’re adding more things in the Training Grounds Store. Visit the store to see all the new things you can buy with your commitment coins.

  • New Item – Fancy Hammer now available.
  • New Item – Giant Dice now available.

W*a*on and Balance

Free Fire OB26 Update

1st: New W*a*on – M*G-7

Available in Classic & Clash Squad – M*G-7 will be the new shotg*n coming into this fix. With its too high pace of shoot, this w*a*on will be very destructive in close-quarter battles.

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Magazine: 8
  • Rate of Fire: 0.2
  • Attachments: Grip, Stock

2nd: V*c*or

Damage, Accuracy, and Range Nerf – The V*c*or has been performing excessively all around contrasted with its friends. We are diminishing the harm and reach a piece to ensure rivals have more opportunity to respond when confronting the V*c*or.

  • Minimum Damage: -1
  • Maximum Range in Akimbo: -4
  • Accuracy in Akimbo: -18%

3rd: M*014

Damage and Rate of Fire Buff. The M*014 has fallen a lot since the time we’ve presented the M*887 and Vector. We are giving it higher harm and touch really discharging rate to ensure it stays serious with different shotg*ns.

  • New firing sound.
  • Minimum Damage: +3
  • Rate of Fire: +5%

4th: M*887

The M*887 has been the lord in mid-to-short proximity fight for a really long time. We are diminishing the reach somewhat so it will be harder to be one-shot*ed by your rival in mid-range.

  • Maximum Range: -3%

5th: P*RA*AL

The P*RA*AL’s reach is altogether too long as of now, it is truly like a completely programmed marksman rifle. We are diminishing the powerful reach somewhat while giving it greater solidness to open up more long-range w*a*on assortments.

6th: P*RA*AL

  • Recoil: +9%
  • Maximum Range: -15%
  • REMOVED the magazine attachment slot.

7th: Wo*d*ec*er

The Wo*d*ec*er is at present excessively solid because of its huge magazine size and generally high pace of fire. We are eliminating the magazine connection opening to ensure the w*a*on isn’t excessively imbalanced with the level 3 magazine prepared.

  • Rate of Fire: -8%
  • REMOVED the magazine attachment slot.

8th: U*P

The U*P is experiencing difficulty against a significant level protective layer even after our buff in the past fix. We are expanding its reinforcement infiltration to 30% to build this present w*a*on’s suitability in the last circles.

  • Armor Penetration: +5%
  • Minimum Damage: +1

9th: M2*9

The M*49 is at present in a terrible spot because of its low versatility and lower range. We are changing the details of the M2*9 so it tends to be viable in giving suppressive fire from the far.

  • Movement Speed While Firing: +10%
  • Minimum Range: +4%
  • Accuracy While Moving: -4%

10th: S*D

The S*D as of now out plays out all the air-drop w*a*ons by an enormous edge because of the extra harm it arrangements to the body. We are conditioning the harm buff and the pace of fire a piece so players have a smidgen more opportunity to respond when they’re being killed from distance.

  • Rate of Fire: -9%
  • Additional Damage to Body: 50%->40%

11th: Gr*za

Rate of Fire, Damage, and Recoil Adjustment. The Gr*za is right now playing out a great deal more awful than other airdrop w*a*ons and it is effectively replaceable by different ARs. We are expanding the complete harm yield of the Gr*za by somewhat this fix so the danger of arriving at the airdrop can coordinate its prizes.

  • Rate of Fire: +8%
  • Minimum Damage: +3
  • Recoil: -6%
  • Deal 100% damage to arms and legs.

12th: FF Kn*fe

Now Available in Classic (Casual & Ranked) Are you ready to see more throwing knives in action?

  • Base Damage: 50
  • Ammo: 3
  • Rate of Fire: 0.5
  • Armor Penetration: 100%


Free Fire OB26 Update

1st: Dynamic Duo

Presenting the Dynamic Duo System – an extraordinary organization that you can frame with your companion by buying The Golden Vow from Free Fire store. When you and your companion become a Dynamic Duo, you all can open a progression of achievements and accomplishments dependent on the time you all spend playing together. Discover your sidekick and start your excursion together!

  • Dynamic Duo will be available on 02/09 15:00 GMT+8
Free Fire OB26 Update

2nd: Social System Update

We’re rolling out large improvements to our in-game social highlights this fix. After the fix, you will have numerous better approaches to select new colleagues and companions through our Team Lobby. Also, you would now be able to set your playing inclination in the new close to home ID and play with players who have comparative play styles.

  • Friend’s Network now available.
  • Players can now pre-invite their friends who are in-game.
  • A new personal profile & name badge is now available.
  • Leaderboard display optimization.
  • Team Lobby now available.

3rd: Quick Message –

Available in all modes! We perceived that it very well might be somewhat hard to speak with your partners on the off chance that they don’t have a mic accessible. With the fast message, you will actually want to rapidly adjust your best courses of action with only a couple of clicks.

  • In-game Quick Messages are now available.

4th: Free Look

Available in all modes! We got criticism that it very well may be somewhat difficult to spot foes while running. This fix, we will add a Free Look work so you can turn your head while running.

  • Free Look now available in the settings menu.


  • A Twitter log is now supported.
  • Vehicles can now honk in Classic Mode.
  • Crouching and uncrouching will no longer interrupt reviving teammates.
  • Teammate’s name will become half-visible next to crosshairs.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage does not register on hit.
  • Optimized the visuals for K’s skill visual display.
  • The inhaler can now heal above 200 HP for characters with 200+ max health.
  • The bounty from the Bounty Tokens will now be marked on the mini-map.
  • Clash Squad’s scoreboard will now display teammates’ combat status.
  • Players can now view teammate’s equipment & skills when spectating.
  • High FPS and Shadow functions are now available for all devices.
  • Added a function to open multiple loot boxes with one click.
  • In-game makers will now be shown on the map during a parachuting
  • Added sound effects for cracking enemies’ armor and helmets.
  • FAMAS-X was now available in Classic Mode.
  • Added sounds effects for headshots.

Source Update Full Details: Link Here

Free Fire OB26 Update

Conclusion –

The Free Fire Company Update Regularly and EveryMonth Changes and New Exclusive Feathers Include and Latest 2021 First Year Free Fire OB26 Update List Now. Hey TricksGaming Members! You Can Update FreeFire Games and Download TO Play Now.

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