Free Fire Street Fighter Global Collaboration – New Season

Free Fire Street Fighter Global Collaboration – Now, Latest Free Fire Season On Collaboration for Free Fire Chun-Li & Ryu’s Now. X Street Fighter V Global Collaboration – Full Video Now. Hi Survivors! The collaboration of Free Fire and Street Fighter V goes live today. Last Time Event Rampage Event Calendar – New Dawn 18th June – 1st July

Soon, we’ll be seeing some skin changes in the game! Check out some of the changes that will happen. Which of these skins is your favorite?

Free Fighter Starting on 2 July 2021 and Get 10/7 Season On Free Fire Street Fighter Global Collaboration Ace Your Knockouts Now.

The global “Free Fighter” event invites all of you to bring the stylish outfits of fan favorites Chun-Li and Ryu into battle and learn the legendary Hadouken, Ryu’s signature move.

These will be accompanied by a host of exclusive time-limited content in the game, including an entirely special event interface, item reskins, and plenty more! Share this video and tell your friends and explore the amazing content now!

Free Fire Street Fighter Global Collaboration

Event etalis for Free Fire Street Fighter Global Collaboration – New Season

The highly anticipated global collaboration with Capcom Co., Ltd has finally arrived!

Get ready to knock out your enemies on the battleground with exclusive Street Fighter collectible items. Here’s a highlight of our events:

1. Join the special interface – Free Fighter from 2 – 18 July and stand a chance to get the SF Skyboard and Ryu T-shirt.

2. Knockout Arcade Web Event from 2-11 July and complete missions to claim the SF parachute and SF banner.

3.7 Days Cumulative Login from 4 – 14 July. Login for 7 days to get the SF Pan with special effects.

4. Shiba Challenge from 3-9 July. Play & kill to get the Shiba Box and Pet Food. 5. Shiba Fighter from 10 – 18 July. Kill enemies and collect tokens from loot boxes to exchange for the SF Shiba skin.

6. Login on 10 July for Ryu’s head pic.

7. Collect aftermatch drop (White Arcade Controller x2) from 2 – 18 July. 8. Collect aftermatch drop (Red Arcade Controller x1) from 10-18 July. Take note: get 2x the token only on 10 July!!

For a limited time only, be sure to collect them all! All The Updates for this Website Now.

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